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Android & Set-top Box

Model: Echo Dot
  Description: Amazon Echo Dot Smart speaker with Alexa Black..

Product Sku: 173140

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote
-100 %
Model: Fire Stick
A powerful streaming media stick, the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote lets you enjoy a seamless streaming experience in brilliant colour and detailed contrast. Built for versatility, it features a WiFi antenna design optimized for 4K Ultra HD streaming and offers more storage for app..
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Product Sku: 173627

Buzz TV XPL3000 Android based IPTV Set-top-Box and Streaming Media Player
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Brand: Buzztv Model: XPL3000
2GB RAM - 8GB Internal Memory - Enhanced PVR - Supports ATSC digital Tuner - HDR (High Dynamic Range) ARM Cortex A53 2 GHz Processor - Android 6.0 - 6+ Middleware Solutions - 4+ DRM Solutions 4K Ultra HD 60Fps Max resolution - HDMI 2.0 - Bluetooth 4.0 (standard feature) AC Dual Band Wi-Fi (..
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Product Sku: 849

BuzzTV XR4500 - Android Box 4K Ultra HD - 2GB Ram 16GB
-100 %
Brand: Buzztv Model: XR4500
Powerful 2GB LPDDR4 RAM / 16GB Memory / 1Gigabit Lan / 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz / 1 High-speed USB 3.0 and 1 High-speed USB 2.0 + 2X2 WIFI + Bluetooth 4+ Fast and stable Amlogic S905X3 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex A55. Supports high quality videos with a consistent connection. 4K ULTRA HD PICTURE QUALITY: E..
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Product Sku: 173770

BuzzTV XRS4900 - Android Box 4K Ultra HD - 4GB DDR - 128GB eMMC
-100 %
Brand: Buzztv Model: XRS4900
FASTER - Say goodbye to lagging with the upgraded operating system, latest graphics processor, and improved interface. The XRS4900 Operating System is Powered by Android 9. This modified OS is optimized for better performance DUAL BAND WIFI: Fast and stable streaming made easy with Dual Band WIFI ..
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Product Sku: 173771

EAZYNET Genuine MAG 424W3 IPTV Set Top Box 4K and HEVC Support 1GB RAM 8GB Flash Bluetooth 4.1 OS Linux 4.4.35 Built-in Wi-Fi Module MAG424W3 Adapter HDMI Cable
-100 % Sold Out
Brand: infomir Model: MAG424W3
MAG424w3 is an improved version of the base model MAG424 with a built-in Wi-Fi module of 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standard. Wi-Fi works feature is dual-band so that supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz channels. MAG424/424w3 is a cost-effective UHD IPTV/OTT solution intended for medium to large-size..
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Product Sku: 173353

Envision+ Android IPTV Box 4K Ultra HD
-100 % Sold Out
Model: Envision+
Envision Android IPTV Box and 4K Streaming Media Player 2GB, 16GB, Android 7.1 – New Quad Core CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM 4K UHD, 5x GPU, HDMI 2.0 Dual Wifi 2.4 GHz – 5 GHz, Bluetooth Package contains: EnVision + Set Top Box Remote Control HDMI and Ethernet Cable Power Adapter..
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Product Sku: 852

Formuler Z10 Pro 4K Android Media Streamer with Dual Band WiFi 5G 2GB RAM 16GB Storage
-100 %
Brand: Formuler Model: Z10 Pro
2022 Formuler Z10 Pro Output Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160) GPU: ARM G31 MP2 Storage: 16GB eMMC  ..
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Product Sku: 173769

HDMI Splitter 4 input - 1 Out
-100 %
Model: Hdmi Switch
Output the audio of your device to the FM frequency of your choice. As long your device uses standard 3.5mm auxilliary output, you can output the audio to any FM radio within range. Commonly used to output music from your phone to your car stereo. Wireless FM Transmitter Car Audio for all Cell..
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Product Sku: 173359

Infomir MAG 322 W1 Media Player (HEVC H.265) With Built-In 150Mbps Wi-Fi
-100 % Sold Out
Brand: infomir Model: Mag322w1
MAG322w1 is a version with a built-in Wi-Fi module of 802.11 b/g/n standard. This modification enables users to establish a network connection without additional equipment.   MAG322w1 is a powerful set-top box containing a high-performance processor on the BCM75839 chipset, and 512MB RAM...
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Product Sku: 851

Infomir MAG 524 W3/ 600Mbps built-in DUAL Wi-Fi 5G 4K Infomir MAG 524 W3/ 600Mbps built-in DUAL Wi-Fi 5G 4K
-16 %
Brand: infomir Model: Mag524w3
The device has a Amlogic S905X2 Chipset, 2T2R ac Wi-Fi module. It offers up to 100 Mbps in 2.4 GHz mode and up to 550 Mbps in 5 GHz mode. The device also has a built-in 100 Mbps Ethernet port. 100% authentic box from Infomir. 4K and HEVC support...
$159.99 $189.99

Product Sku: 173751

Infomir MAG254 W3  Media Player SET TOP BOX
Sold Out
Brand: infomir Model: Mag 254
MAG 254/255 is a powerful Set-Top Box with efficient processor STiH207 and increased RAM memory, and it is an optimal solution for IPTV/OTT projects. The Set-Top Box is designed to fulfill business projects of internet providers, OTT operators and content aggregators. The increased productivity of M..

Product Sku: 276

Jadoo Tv 5S- 4K Ultra HD, Bluetooth, Video Calling
-100 % Sold Out
Model: 5s
Jadoo5S Combines Endless Entertainment in a shiny new UI with a host of great features that let you stay connected with everything you love doing the most. And we back this with a 2 Year warranty behind which we stand! Lightning Fast and full of new features, our sleek 4K Ultra HD box brings you eve..
$249.99 $0.00

Product Sku: 850

MAG 420w1 4K and HEVC Support, 512 MB RAM, 512 MB NAND, USB × 2 pcs. (3.0, 2.0), Built-in Wi-Fi, Linux OS, HDMI and RCA outputs
-100 % Sold Out
Brand: infomir Model: MAG420W1
MAG420w1 is a powerful and cost-effective solution for quickly launching IPTV/OTT projects. Thanks to the ARM Cortex-A53 processor on the Hi3798MV200 chipset and the built-in HEVC codec, this set-top box easily reproduces 4K content at 60 fps and does not create excessive network loading. MAG420 del..
$149.99 $0.00

Product Sku: 173352

Orange TV Ultra HD Android Box
-100 %
Brand: Orange TV Model: OTV 7000
2GB Ram 5 Core GPU Android 9.1 16GB ROM USB Micosd Supported HDMI WiFI Bluetooth  ..
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Product Sku: 173768

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